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Hi, I’m Karla! I am the Founder of DataDabble. With a focus on data processing, I have honed my expertise in lead generation, data entry, data mining, analysis, and research. Working closely with both corporate clients and small business owners has provided me with valuable insights into the pivotal role that precise and efficient data management plays in their success. I take great pride in delivering exceptional results that go beyond my clients’ expectations, whether it involves constructing email lists or conducting intricate research projects.

Utilizing my expertise and access to premium software tools, I offer tailored solutions to my clients, ensuring the delivery of high-quality results in a swift and efficient manner. Clients place their trust in my services, recognizing the significant opportunity in saving valuable time and resources. This, in turn, allows them to prioritize revenue-generating activities and make strides toward enhancing their bottom line.

Karla Lopez

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What our clients say about us

Madelyn Wing
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Karla was extremely responsive, went above and beyond, and delivered incredible work in an ideal timeframe. I actually forgot something in my initial scoping, and Karla went back after the fact to add it to the project without an additional fee. Would absolutely work with DataDabble again.
Stephanie Deesy
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I had a very large project getting data on pdf’s into a spreadsheet. She responded right away with a sample spreadsheet and was truly wonderful and easy to work with. I hope I need another data conversion soon!!!
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Karla did amazing work over the month! Great response time and positive approach!
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Karla always does an incredible job and is always quick to respond with updates and questions. She is a pleasure to work with and I will continue to use her after the last 3 projects have been great successes.
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Karla was exceptional. I used another person before reaching out to Karla, so i m able to compare services. The work produced was 100% perfect and she went out her way to produce a second report removing any duplications without asking... Save your time and money, Use Karla. You wont be disappointed
Nico Sanchez
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It was wonderful. It's the holiday season and I wasn't expecting the work to be done anytime soon, but she delivered quickly! 10/10 would hire her again. I'm currently going through the leads, I'm about 125 people in and so far every lead I was given seems to be EXACTLY what I was looking for.
Philip bailliet
Philip bailliet
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You always get exactly what you ask for with Karla, plus some extra for good measure. She does such a remarkable job, even though she’s a freelancer, I consider her part of my team. I’m always happy to work with her. Thanks Karla for another awesome job.
Retained Media
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Karla perfectly hit my brief and has provided a very useful lead list for my marketing agency. Her lead selection is very impressive and she's pulled together very ideal targets for me from a very wide industry. She understands the types of company that would be a solid prospect for you, and doesn't provide you with a list of worldwide known companies that will be far out of your reach! Perfect service and I will be back.

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